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Tradition and quality

,,There is no good brandy without good fruit“

The production of brandy in the Momirović family is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Famous in its region for the quality of this beverage, we registered the family business in 2009, since when the products from the „Momirović“ distillery became available to a wider group of consumers. By promoting our product, we promote both our village of Svileuvu and the Tamnav region, as well as the entire region. Today, from our own orchards of plums, apricots and quinces, we produce around 15,000 liters of brandy per year. We are the winners of several awards and recognitions, including the Gold Medal for quality, which we are proud to point out.

Plum Brandy


Vizantija , plum brandy from the Momirović distillery is made from three varieties of plum: Čačanske rodne, Čačanske lepotice and Čačanske rana. Fruit is collects under the tree, that is. full technological maturity is awaited. The distillate is aged in oak barrels of 500 liters for a minimum of 4 years.

rakija od sljive vizantija
Rakija od dunje

Quince Brandy


Quince brandy for which the first association is fragrant, beautiful, old-fashioned. With the first sip, we will remember how our grandmothers used to keep quinces right there on the cupboard, and they tempted us and were rarely within our reach. Go back in time with just a few sips of refreshing quince brandy, the smell of which is intertwined with oak, which evokes the most cherished memories.

Pear Brandy


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say CARMEN? Well, of course, the widely known variety of pear. And this delicious fruit got its brandy meaning in the Momirović household, which makes high-quality brandies. Pear brandy KARMEN has a refreshing fruity taste.

karmen rakija od kruske
rakija od kajsije

Apricot Brandy


If you still want to enjoy the colors of ripe apricots at some point, stay awake and wait for the DAWN ( ZORA ). It leaves a completely rounded and fruity impression at every moment of consumption. The best combination is when served at a temperature of 18-22 degrees with some chocolate dessert.

Liqueur with honey


If you still have a sweet tooth and can’t resist sweets, then we strongly recommend that you try a liqueur with honey and propolis called ŽUDNJA with some berries or dessert. This liqueur is one of the most delicious sweet drinks, made from the best meadow and linden honey in combination with Aydared apple brandy and Golden Delicious.

medovača liker žudnja



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